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Tobias Macey is a dedicated engineer with experience spanning many years and even more domains. He currently manages and leads the Data & Infrastructure Platform Engineering team at MIT Open Learning where he designs and builds cloud infrastructure to power online access to education for the global MIT community. He also owns and operates Boundless Notions, LLC where he offers design, review, and implementation advice on data infrastructure and cloud automation.

Besides the Machine Learning Podcast, Tobias host the Data Engineering Podcast, which tackles a new approach to data management every week. He also hosts Podcast.__init__ where he explores the universe of ways that the Python language is being used. By applying his experience in building and scaling data infrastructure and processing workflows, he helps the audience explore and understand the challenges inherent to machine learning and data management.

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Machine learning and AI are the biggest catalysts for change and innovation in the modern era. Tune in to The Machine Learning Podcast to stay up to date with this rapidly evolving industry.

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