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Predibase’s founders saw the pain of getting ML models developed and in-production, taking up to a year even at leading tech companies like Uber, so they built internal platforms that drastically lowered the time-to-value and increased access. The key was taking a “declarative approach” to machine learning, which Piero Molino (CEO) introduced with Ludwig, an open source framework to create deep learning models with 8,400+ GitHub stars, more than 100 contributors, and thousands of monthly downloads. With Ludwig, tasks that took months-to-years were handed off to teams in thirty minutes and just six lines of human-readable configuration that can define an entire machine learning pipeline.

Now with Predibase, we are bringing the power of declarative machine learning built on top of Ludwig to broader organizations with our enterprise platform. Like Infrastructure as Code simplified IT, Predibase’s machine learning (ML) platform allows users to focus on the “what” of their ML models rather than the “how”, breaking free of the usual limits in low-code systems and bringing down the time-to-value of ML projects from years to days. Go to themachinelearningpodcast.com/predibase today to learn more and try it for yourself!

Graft LogoGraft™ is a cloud-native platform that aims to make the AI of the 1% accessible to the 99%. Wield the most advanced techniques for unlocking the value of data, including text, images, video, audio, and graphs. No machine learning skills required, no team to hire, and no infrastructure to build or maintain.

For more information on Graft or to schedule a demo go to themachinelearningpodcast.com/graft today! And tell them Tobias sent you.

Galileo LogoData powers machine learning, but poor data quality is the largest impediment to effective ML today.

Galileo is a collaborative data bench for data scientists building Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to programmatically inspect, fix and track their data across the ML workflow (pre-training, post-training and post-production) – no more excel sheets or ad-hoc python scripts.

Get meaningful gains in your model performance fast, dramatically reduce data labeling and procurement costs, while seeing 10x faster ML iterations.

Galileo is offering listeners a free 30 day trial and a 30% discount on the product there after. This offer is available until Aug 31, so go to themachinelearningpodcast.com/galileo and request a demo today!

Deepchecks LogoBuilding good ML models is hard, but testing them properly is even harder. At Deepchecks, they built an open-source testing framework that follows best practices, ensuring that your models behave as expected. Get started quickly using their built-in library of checks for testing and validating your model’s behavior and performance, and extend it to meet your specific needs as your model evolves. Accelerate your machine learning projects by building trust in your models and automating the testing that you used to do manually. Go to themachinelearningpodcast.com/deepchecks today to get started!

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